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Evaluasi Penggunaan Antidiabetik Pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus Yang Menjalani Hemodialisa Di Instalasi Rawat Jalan Rsud Kraton Kabupaten Pekalongan Tahun 2018 E-Skripsi Stikes Muhammadiyah Pekajangan Pekalongan

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Evaluasi Penggunaan Antidiabetik pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus yang Menjalani Hemodialisa di Instalasi Rawat Jalan RSUD Kraton Kabupaten Pekalongan Tahun 2018

Pengarang : Setianingsih, Ainun Muthoharoh,,apt, Isyti'ar

Kata Kunci   :Antidiabetic, diabetes mellitus, hemodialysis, accuracy of drug selection

ABSTRACT Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by hyperglycemia, occurring due to abnormal insulin secretion, insulin action or both. DM can cause microvascular complications, one of which is kidney disease that can develop into end-stage renal failure that requires hemodialysis. It is necessary to evaluate the therapy related to the accuracy in treatment. This study aims to evaluate the use of antidiabetics in DM patients undergoing hemodialysis in the hemodialysis treatment room at Kraton District Hospital in Pekalongan Regency in 2018. This type of quantitative research by describing the variables studied. The sampling technique is total sampling. The study population was 128 patients. Inclusion criteria were 30 patients while exclusion criteria were 98 patients. After obtaining a sample of 30 patients then an evaluation is carried out, then the data are analyzed univariately. The most widely used treatment therapy is oral antidiabetic Glyconeone. Evaluation of the use of antidiabetic drugs in DM patients undergoing hemodialysis should be done in connection with the presence of kidney damage resulting in decreased renal clearance. Evaluation of antidiabetic drugs based on the right patient by 60%, the right drug 66.7%, the right indication 100%, the right dose of 63.3%. The type of drug used is oral antidiabetic that is 86.7%, parenteral 10% and the combination is 3.3%. Potential interactions between antidiabetic drugs and other drugs were 7 cases (23.3%) with the number of types of pharmacodynamic interactions being 3 cases while the others were unknown interactions. Suggestions for pharmacists is to coordinate with doctors regarding the selection of appropriate antidiabetic drugs for DM patients undergoing hemodialysis. Then the suggestion for further researchers is that further research needs to be done on evaluating the use of antidiabetics in DM patients undergoing hemodialysis by conducting research in several hospitals.

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