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Gambaran Status Kesehatan Pada Warga Jeruksari Diwilayah Kerja Puskesmas Tirto Ii Kabupaten Pekalongan E-Skripsi UMPP - Universitas Muhammadiyah Pekajangan Pekalongan

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Gambaran Status Kesehatan Pada Warga Jeruksari diWilayah Kerja Puskesmas Tirto II Kabupaten Pekalongan

Pengarang : Masdiana Safitri , Sugiharto

Kata Kunci   :Disease Classification, Health Status, Tidal Flood

A Descriptive Study of Health Status among Residents of Jeruksari Village in Comunity Health Center Tirto II Pekalongan Regency Background : Health status is a condition when people are in ahealthy or unhealthy. Environmental and behavioral factors are the most influential factors on the health status of the community. The environment in a flooded area can cause damage to the sanitation and clean water system because of the tidal flood that makes the potential for outbreaks of a disease. The study aimed to describe the health status and classifyed the diseases in Jeruksari village in Community. Health Center Tirto II in Pekalongan Regency. The research design used descriptive with cross sectional approach. The research sample was 90 guardiants of Jeruksari Village with 292 respondents. The sampling technique used multistage with two techniques : clusters and rule of thumbs. The instrument for collecting data was the questionnaire of Riskesda 2013.The results showed 127 respondents (43.5%) were included in the category of illness. Based on reports from respondents, there were seven (7) types of diseases in the Jeruksari village. Three (3) types of diseases that most experienced by residents who affected by tidal flood were 52 ISPA (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) respondents (17.8%), 52 dermatitis respondents (17.8%) and 26 diarrhea respondents (8.9%). With the discoveryof the type of disease, the data can be used by Tirto II Health Center to improve health services and counseling, especially related to higienic and healthy behavior and prevention efforts. Keywords : Disease Classification, Health Status, Tidal Flood

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